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By Geoffrey Mosher

How did you get started at the AWC?

I work here so it’s an easy option. I started running in 2012 and I ran a lot for those two or three years and then I was starting to get a little bit bored. I had a couple of colleagues who did these classes so I thought I would join them.

Your main focus is the HIIT class?

Yes, I do that three days a week. I try to anyway. That’s pretty much the only activity I get at this point, which is why I try and make time in my schedule. I have it in my work calendar so I try to move appointments around it and meetings around it. Most of the time I make it work.

What is your favourite part of the class?

I like that there are different trainers. Every semester and every year there are at least one or two new trainers and they each have their own style, which is exciting. A lot of them are very creative so there are a lot of moves we’ve never heard of before. I really enjoy that each person has their own style.

The groups are quite small so there are not more than five of us each time; it’s almost like having a personal trainer, but in a group setting. It’s not just a one-on-one type of thing, which may be intimidating. I know it might be a bit too much attention for me, this is a nice way to divide the attention, but not be lost in a big class. Some classes at other bigger gyms can be 30+ people. This is much nicer and smaller. The trainers tailor the exercises to the person. If someone is much stronger they’ll get a bigger weight or a different kind of movement.

What drew you to the HIIT class specifically?

I accidentally started it because a colleague of mine started it. A couple of us did it together. I stuck it with it because now we have our core group of three or four of us that always do it and we hold each other accountable, we’ll give each other a call and see if they’re coming. So that keeps me going.

Do you have any advice for others looking to get fit?

We have an amazing facility and I’m sure that all the other campuses have some really cool facilities and it’s free for employees, which is amazing and almost unheard of in any workplace. It’s convenient, you can book it in between your meetings and just jump out, do a quick class, and get back to work and you’re more energized.

I think if you can find a buddy to hold you accountable and you both sign up for it that really helps. The key is just to take advantage of these cool programs that we have on offer.

Why do you find the group format so much easier than individual training?

One aspect would be the cost of having a personal trainer one-on-one is quite expensive, so that may not be in everyone’budget. I think just for me, having a group with me, we push each other. If the trainer was to say do this jump with four steps – I’m very scared of jumping – and if it was just me and them I would probably stop at the four, but if I see my group mates doing five or six I would push myself to say “maybe I can do that.” It helps me push myself to see other people doing it and that keeps me going, that excites me.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I know it’s a scary thought to come to this place that has all these fancy machines and all these people with all their gear and knowing what they’re doing but there are always people willing to help either at the front desk or upstairs. So if there is a little interest they should come by and talk to whoever is available. They are more than happy to guide them and get them started. You just have to take the initial plunge and it’s a good place to be, a good community.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

NAME: Pearl Vas
POSITION: Manager, Global Experience, International Education
GOAL: Consistency: show up three days a week and continue through the winter