Reaching for the Top

Name: Robert Mahabirsingh

Position: Professor at SETAS, mechanical engineering technology

Member at AWC: Since 2011

Goal: To maintain an acceptable level of mental and physical fitness.

1) How did you get started training at the AWC?

At the AWC I train with the Olympic Weightlifting Team, which includes Accessory work.

At the AWC I started out training on my own, which quickly progressed to Cross Fit (HIIT) classes and eventually to Olympic Weightlifting.

I work out a minimum of three times per week.

2) Do you find it difficult to find the time?

Finding the time to workout is not difficult at all, YOU MUST make it happen.

I’m not really sure where my motivation comes from. Instinctively I know I must workout. It’s possibly that euphoric feeling I get at the end of my workout.

3) What is your favourite part of working out at the AWC?

It’s difficult to pinpoint a favourite part of working out at the AWC, but I will mention a few; the comradery with my fellow lifters, the ambience and the equipment.

4) What is your favourite part of competitive weightlifting?

My favourite part of competitive weightlifting is in preparing for the event, meaning, maxing out on your various lifts and witnessing your progress.

5) Any advice for people looking to be fit?

My advice for people looking to be fit is “Just do it” Do not procrastinate, hire a trainer from the AWC and make it happen.

6) Do you have any favourite exercises, lifts?

My favourite exercises are Clean and Jerk, Front Squats and Back Squats.

7) Anything else you would want to add about the AWC and the trainers?

I have found the trainers at the AWC to have unique skill sets which far surpass those of other gyms, of which I have been a member. As for the gym itself, I do like the design and layout, not to mention being surrounded by glass.

Bringing Home the Gold
Although the Colts Extramural team takes up most of the media for weightlifting during the school year, our non-student club also remains very active. The club is made up mostly of alumni and college staff. The club quietly competes regularly all over the province.

Most recently, our AWC and club member Robert Mahabirsingh competed at the Ontario Master’s Championships on Saturday February 22 in St. Thomas, Ontario.

The Ontario “Master’s” is the provincial level competition for athletes aged 35+. Robert or “Bob” performed most impressively, winning gold in the Men’s 55+/ 67kg category. Bob is our club’s first Ontario Champion.

With this win he qualifies for the national championships in Winnipeg, Manitoba in May.

The “Centennial Weightlifting Club” is a registered local sports club operated by the CCSAI.

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