What Are You Made Of?

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By Joshua Delgado

The fluctuation of body weight is common. In a lifetime, our body weight goes up and down so many times it is almost impossible to keep track. There are even daily variations to our weight. Our weight changes every time we eat, sleep, go to the restroom, and drink a glass of water. Several small variations can make tracking your weight a complex issue. When we gain or lose weight, how do we know how much of that weight is fat weight? Muscle weight? Water weight? If you are working with a professional there is normally an educated guess as to what the breakdown could be.

Until recently, the main methods of finding this info were invasive, expensive and time-consuming. Finding an accurate body fat percentage would consist of skinfold pinches, water submersion, or lengthy visits with a health care professional. Those days are over.

We are proud to announce the addition of an InBody โ€“ Body Composition Analyzer to our arsenal of assessment tools in the AWC. The InBody scale not only accurately measures your body weight but also gives a detailed analysis of body fat percentage and breakdown, including where we are storing the most fat. It also tells us how much of our body is water weight and how much is muscle weight. The best part? The entire test lasts less than 1 minute and all you need to do is stand on the scale.

We have had this new scale since January 2019 and have been able to accurately track a personโ€™s fat loss and muscle gain with structured exercise and coaching. This allows us to deliver the most detailed results to our clients and give the most accurate feedback.

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Would you like to try it for free?

Every member of the AWC is entitled to a free fitness consultation appointment with a personal trainer. This appointment includes your free body composition analysis as well as recommendations to help you improve your numbers.

Receive regular body composition assessments and a printed detailed report with your results when you sign up for any personal training package.

To book your first free appointment visit the Guest Services Desk or contact Josh at [email protected] or extensions 2184.