Why You Need a Personal Trainer

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Health is wealth – wise words to consider! But all of your hard work in the gym is wasted if you are unhealthy! Here’s how having a personal trainer can get you – and keep you – on the right track for the New Year!

By: Marilou Gannapao

Being healthy includes a healthy mind, body and spirit. These days people are becoming busier, more occupied with the latest technologies rather than spending time outside, being active and going to the gym. With so many distractions it is difficult to stay fit and healthy without guidance. This is where a personal fitness trainer comes in. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a personal trainer!

1. Guidance and Motivation

Personal trainers are important for those people who don’t have any experience in exercising. They are also for those people who need motivation and don’t know where to begin. It is not easy to organize your exercise and reach a goal. Hiring a personal trainer will help you achieve your goals, enjoy the workout and help make fitness a part of your daily living.

2. Safety

Many people who train alone with no experience in the gym get injured because of poor exercise execution and improper use of equipment. Knowledgeable personal trainers will teach and guide you to reduce the risk of injury and see the best results from each exercise!

3. Commitment

Working with a personal trainer is not a one-sided commitment. Both the client and trainer invest their time and energy. When one is waiting in the gym and expecting the other, there is less likely to be an excuse to not show up. It is the responsibility of the personal trainer to help the client get results and motivate them to come regularly. It is the client’s responsibility to do their workouts and eat a healthy diet. Results will come easily if both sides are committed.

4. Effective Training

Wasting plenty of time and energy in the gym without getting any results can leave you demotivated to continue your exercises. Personal trainers can give you the most efficient one hour of training possible. These sessions are efficient, effective and can be life-changing!

5. Fun

Going to the gym alone can get boring and unmotivating for someone new to the gym. Having a personal trainer will make the work out fun and interesting. Your trainer will not only adapt to a variety of exercises but they can also adapt the environment to suit your needs.

Remember that life is beautiful and we all want to be fit and healthy as we age. It is not too late to change your life. Yes, I am talking to YOU. Now is the perfect time to start a healthier, active lifestyle.

Marilou is an experienced personal trainer in the AWC with an educational background in physiotherapy.

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